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R&P Programming, Inc.1995 Present


Designed and implemented a variety of real-time, multimedia, and database projects for business, government, and academic clients, including the following:

         Analyzed performance issues on a large SQL Server database for a healthcare services provider. Helped architect and implement solutions. Wrote code in the middle tier (COM/C++) and data tier (T-SQL) to implement new features.

         Helped design and develop a .NET application for a parts reseller in the oil industry using Windows Forms and SQL Server.

         Helped design and develop a .NET application for an employee screening company to scrape data from websites based on search criteria entered in a SQL Server database. The scraped data was parsed and the extracted information entered back into the database.

         Designed and developed intranet databases for a Federal Circuit Court using SQL Server, HTML/DHTML forms, and C# in ASP.NET (VBScript and JScript with older ASP pages). Setup dynamic creation of public HTML web pages from the private intranet database. Created an OLE-DB provider to retrieve data from a legacy Unify database system.

         Helped design a television listings multimedia playback system using COM objects on Windows NT with a SQL Server database back end. Implemented COM objects in C++ for real-time event scheduling and IP multicast data transmission and reception. Converted code from Visual Studio 6 to Visual Studio 2003 and worked on migration of the system from Windows NT 4 to Windows XP. Wrote the newest components and support apps in C#.

         Designed a transmission system control database in SQL Server and wrote stored procedures in T-SQL to control and monitor transmissions. Connected real-time C++ code to database using ADO.

         Re-designed the Informix database system driving a Pay-Per-View promotional channel to improve reliability and performance. Rewrote 4GL programs and Perform screens. Also rewrote parts of a real-time transmission system on Windows 3.11.

         Designed and implemented a SQL Server database with a Visual Basic front-end to track components for a manufacturer of parts for the oil industry.

         Designed and implemented Access databases with Visual Basic front-ends to run several small businesses. One system tracks quotes, orders, and inventory for a parts reseller in the oil industry and another system tracks invoices and customer notifications for an auto detailing business. Another system tracks police activity logs for a municipality.

         Designed an MPEG playback system on Windows NT for ad insertion on cable television networks. Wrote the real-time playback system in C++ and the control database in SQL Server.

         Wrote MPEG playback systems in C++ on Windows NT that connected to existing control systems to replace tape decks in the cable television industry.

         Rewrote portions of a DOS based real-time control system to control new devices and increase precision of timing.

         Wrote a Windows NT based serial data logger with a remote user interface.

Starnet, West Chester, PA1991 - 1995

Director of Development (1/95 - 6/95)

Responsible for all software/hardware development of in-house and field systems involved in a variety of 24-hour satellite transmission and cable television products. Managed database developers working with Informix on Unix, in-house developers working with Access, Visual BASIC, ODBC, and PERL on DOS/Windows, and application developers working in C, C++, and Assembly on Windows, DOS, and NT. Also managed network administrators supervising a mixed network consisting of Netware, Unix (SCO, AT&T, Unixware, and LynxOS), and Windows NT. Responsibilities also included evaluation of new technology in the areas of multimedia and satellite transmission as well as new tools and techniques for software development. Instituted use of source code control and formal design techniques (Yourdon DFD, Chen ERD, etc.) for software projects.

Manager of Operations (9/93 12/94)

Responsible for all aspects of operation of a 24-hour satellite transmission facility, including computer systems and RF transmission equipment. Oversaw a staff of twenty-eight people; directly managed eight technical staff, including developers and network administrators, and ten master control operators; oversaw ten people in Traffic and Production. Designed and implemented operational systems and supporting hardware and software; projects included the analysis of data flow and storage requirements and design of wide-area networks including hardware and custom database and client software. Designed, managed, and assisted in the implementation of various software projects, including Windows applications in C++ (including Windows extensions such as ODBC and MAPI), Visual Basic, and Microsoft Access.

System Administrator (1/93 8/93)

Responsibilities included design, installation, and administration of a Novell Netware based LAN (3 local servers, 2 across a WAN) and SCO and Novell UNIX systems; design and implementation of a variety of computer systems (both hardware and software) related to the operation of a 24-hour transmission facility; revision or redesign of operational procedures which involve creation, movement, and transmission of data. Also provided guidance in the areas of operational procedures, software design and coding techniques, and hardware selection to the Multimedia Development Lab, which was responsible for designing and implementing a variety of PC based cable television channels.

Lead Programmer/Analyst (11/91 12/92)

Responsibilities included software design and coding for a 24-hour cable television advertising channel, supervision of construction of PC's shipped to customers to run the channel, technical support for customers. The software involved the creation of special software for multimedia presentation under MS-DOS. The position also required evaluation of new technologies such as multimedia and digitized video and audio, as well as new software such as operating systems, programming languages, and toolkits.


University of California as Santa Barbara1986 1992

Programmer/Analyst (1986-1992)

Responsibilities included design, installation, and maintenance of microcomputer systems; user support and training; design, algorithm development, and coding of a text searching and browsing program for Greek and Latin texts available on CD-ROM; writing documentation for the program; handling of all correspondence related to project; supervision of other programmers; conversion of program to Microsoft Windows 3.0; liaison to Humanities Computing Facility.

The resulting application program, Searcher, and its corresponding Windows version, Pharos, is the standard MS-DOS/Windows program for working with Greek and Latin texts on CD-ROM and has been distributed to over 200 researchers worldwide.

After leaving Santa Barbara, work on this project has continued, resulting in a new shareware program, Musaios, which is designed to be a replacement for the earlier Searcher and Pharos programs. Musaios was written with Microsoft Visual C++ and includes all current features, such as a toolbar, status bar messages, and a Windows setup program. Recently added features include complex Boolean searching, support for a wide variety of fonts, based on Unicode internally, and porting to Win32 and Macintosh.

Research Assistant (Summer 1990)

Designed and wrote software to allow spoken Spanish to be recorded and played back on MS-DOS computers as part of a database of spoken Spanish. Worked with add-in sound digitizing card, used and modified supplied library routines. In 1991 converted program to MS Windows 3.0 (pre Multimedia Development Toolkit), including updating low-level interface to digitizing card. Produced a Dynamic Link Library (DLL) for use with Asymetrix Toolbook to facilitate development of courseware using digitized sound.

Research Assistant (Summer 1988)

Designed and wrote Latin tutorial program for use in First Year Latin. This program uses dynamic question generation and evaluation of user response. In 1991 converted program to MS Windows 3.0.


Independent Consultant1987 - 1991

Consulting work with individuals and the Humanities Computing Facility. Tasks included design and installation of computer systems, user training on hardware and software, support and maintenance of hardware and software. Created custom utilities and batch programs for users.

Other projects have included writing data acquisition (digital and analog) and display software, creating file format and system conversion programs, and developing custom printer routines.



PhD in Classical Languages, University of California at Santa Barbara, 1994
MA in Classical Languages, University of California at Santa Barbara, 1987
BA in Classical Languages, University of Kansas, 1984