Phyllis A. Fry


15 years of experience with computers, electronics, and people in increasingly senior roles, progressing from sales ® research work ® general computer support ® network design ® coordination and planning for an academic division ® project management for Fortune 500 companies® Website Operations and Design.


R&P Programming    1993 - Present

R&P Programming provides Website development, on-site project management, network design and implementation, vendor selection, and personnel assessment to both large and small companies, as well as to academic institutions.  Recent projects have revolved around Operations of winner of the 1998 Webby Award. Working with a team of professionals from many vendors we improved the website infrastructure and operational environment to increase uptime and provide a scaleable, highly available and fault tolerate system.  The website gathers data from mainframes (SNA and TCP/IP connections), Sybase databases on Unix systems and AS400 document retrieval systems to create on the fly custom HTML pages.  In the year I worked on this project the systems became three times more reliable while experiencing major traffic increase.

For Companies:

·        Managed company wide software and hardware upgrades.  Vanguard has 10000+ computers that need to be upgraded, replaced or repaired continually.

·         Lead a team in the setup and operation of a new 500-person call center in Scottsdale, AZ.

·         Upgraded over 3000 computers, including replacing cards and hard drives, adding memory, and installing new software and service packs via CID processes.  Work was done off-hours, with zero tolerance for downtime the next day.

·         Wrote procedures and REXX programs to streamline installations.

·         Project Manager for large and small projects for the Office Automation Group.

·         Coordinated a work force of up to 20 people.

    For a residential school in rural Pennsylvania:

·         Helped formulate a policy on Information Technology for a residential high school, giving them a clear direction and plan for teaching in the modern age.  The scope of the project was multi-year, encompassing 14 buildings and 1200 computers, with a limited on-site skill set.

·         Designed and built a campus-wide network, which includes Ethernet and fiber lines, using AppleTalk and TCP/IP protocols.  Arranged for Internet connection.

·         Designed and installed a software infrastructure including E-mail, Groupware, application metering, and file sharing.

·         Taught campus personnel how to use and maintain the system.  Gave campus demonstrations on the nature and use of the Internet.


Swarthmore College 1991 - 1993

Social Sciences Computing Coordinator 1991 - 1993

As a key member of a technical management team, which created and maintained the computing infrastructure for Swarthmore College.  Installed a campus-wide network which connected DEC 5000 (Unix), Mac and PC systems running multiple protocols connected to the Internet through a T1 line; the network has over 2000 ports around campus.  As part of this project I upgraded, selected and installed hardware and software to insure system inter-operability and ease of use.  Located problems and opportunities, then designed and implemented computer solutions for the college as a whole while providing direct computer support to the Social Sciences Departments, which consisted of 8 disciplines, approximately half of the college majors, and the Library.

·         Some of the operating systems and network protocols used at Swarthmore were Netware, Appleshare, AppleTalk, Ultrix, Windows, OSF1, FDDI, IBM LAN Manager, and TCP/IP.

·         Listened to departments and faculty desires, problems and hopes, then located, designed and implemented computing solutions to produce the desired result system-wide.

·         Increased the number of shared resources on the net and improved the quality and reliability of the network.

·         Lead a team which designed a Gopher Server voted one of the top ten on the Internet in 1993

·         Improved relations with the Library, which increased the number and quality of joint projects, reversing the trend of the two organizations going in different technological directions.

Interim Network Manager Feb. 1992 - Oct. 1992

While continuing to perform the duties of the Social Sciences Computing Coordinator, I maintained the Academic network and provided aid in designing and installing the new campus wide network.


University of California at Santa Barbara 1988 - 1991

Programmer Analyst 1989 - 1991

Provided general computer support including both hardware and software, for the College of Letters and Sciences, a division of the University, which consisted of 43 academic departments and programs with over 1000 users.

·         Designed hardware and software systems to fit user needs and budget while maintaining compatibility with existing equipment.  Setup over 200 new computers a year.

·         Solved information retrieval problems by installing a CD-ROM database of over 100 magazines to aid in investigating computer solutions for faculty and staff.

·         Selected, procured, and installed over $800,000 worth of equipment for network upgrades and desktop replacements.

·         Planned building-wide Ethernet networks to connect individual workstations to the campus broadband network.

·         Hired, trained, and supervised workers to install and maintain network cabling and electronics.

Postgraduate Researcher 1988 - 1991

Conducted a series of research experiments in cognitive psychology and human geography.  These experiments have resulted in six publications, several of which listed me as a co-author:

·         Acquisition of Route and Survey Knowledge in the Absence of Vision, Journal of Motor Behavior (1990)

·         A Minimal Representation for Dead-Reckoning Navigation:  Updating the Homing Vector, Geographical Analysis (1990)

·         Active Localization of Virtual Sounds, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America (1990)

·         Non Visual Navigation by Blind and Sighted: Assessment of Path Integration Ability, Journal of Experimental Psychology:  General (1993)

·         Performance of Blind and Sighted in Manipulator and Ambulatory Space (parts reprinted as “Moving with the Mind’s Eye” Science News, Vol. 148,7 1995)

·         The Encoding-Error Model of Navigation Without Vision (in press).


Tandy Corporation (Radio Shack) 1983 - 1988


Sold, stocked, and ordered electronics parts and computers.  Acted as Sunday manager accountable for cash drawer and deposits on that day.

·         Top sales award in 4 quarters.

·         Each of the four stores I worked at experienced higher profits and sales volumes.


University of California at Santa Barbara

BA in Cognitive Psychology, 1988



Automobile repair, woodworking, stained glasses, and model railroading.

 Technical Skills:


TCP/IP and related Internet protocols and utilities (e.g. HTTP, FTP, SMTP and Telnet) LanMan/LanServer/NT (NetBEUI/SMB), Novell Netware (IPX), AppleTalk.


C and HTML.

Operating Systems:

All Microsoft OS, OS/2, Macintosh OS, Unix.


Windows:  TCP/IP, SQL, NetLib/DbLib (Sybase), Norton Utilities, PCTools, Lotus Notes, SMS, Internet tool kit, DHCP,Exchange Server and Member of the Microsoft Developer Network.

Macintosh:  Interpol, MacPing, Shiva control products, Gator control products, DiskFit, Norton, Utilities, NetMinder, KeyServer, FWB HD Toolkit, TCP/IP, SQL.

OS/2: REXX, CID, Communications Manager, NetLib/DbLib (Sybase), TCP/IP, SQL.


CPU:  Compaq, (all types), PC Compatibles (80x86), IBM PS/2, Macintosh (Plus - Power Mac).

Networking:  Ethernet cards and cabling (10base-T, 10Base-2, 10base-5), fiber optic cabling, RND Web Load Balancing Boxes (WSD and WSD-DS) Cabletron Multiport Repeaters, Cable Scanners, Shiva products, and Gator products, IBM Token Ring cards and hubs, Cisco Routers.

Peripherals:  AtoD cards, CD-ROM drives, tape backup drives, page scanners, Laser Discs, Photo CD, VCR’s, and Frame Grabbers for multimedia systems.


Windows:  MS Office 97, WordPerfect, SAS, BMDP, LapLink, Procomm, Impromptu, Lotus Notes, Netscape.

Macintosh:  MS Office, WordPerfect, MacWrite Pro, Resolve, Lotus 123, HyperCard, Adobe Photoshop, KalidaGraph, Cricket Graph, Statview II, SuperANOVA, Statview 4, JMP, SuperPaint, MacLink, Soft PC, Eudora, Fetch, Lexis/Nexis, MapInfo.

Unix: Netscape Proxy Server, Netscape Enterprise Suite, Websense, DNS, SAS, SPSS, JOVE, some system management.